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**DISCONTINUED** BAND ONLY: Citizen Watch Strap Black Rubber Part # 59-78840


Brand Citizen Watch

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This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S90534, 4-S90542, 4-S90551, 4-S90569, 4-S90577, 4-S90585, 4-S90593, 4-S90607, 4-S90615, 4-S90623, 4-S90755, JN6030-08A, JN6030-08E, JN6030-08L, JN6030-08X, JN6034-07E, JN6034-07L, JQ0030-01A, JQ0030-01E, JQ0034-01A, JQ0034-01E, JQ6030-09A, JQ6030-09E, JQ6030-09Y, JQ6034-08A, JQ8040-04A, JQ8040-04E, JQ8044-03A, JQ8044-03E, JQ8044-03L, MC7010-01A, MC7010-01E, MC7010-01L, C7014-00A, MC7014-00E, MC7014-00L, MF0000-54A, MF0000-54E, MF0000-54L