Brand Citizen Watch

Citizen Watch Strap Black Rubber Part # 59-S0602. This band has been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer. This fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S016959, 4-S97997, 4-S98012, 4-S98039, 4-S98047, 4-S98063, 4-S98071, 4-S98098, 4-S98101, 4-S98136, 4-S98144, JN6040-04A, JN6040-04E, JN6044-03E, JN6044-03L, JN9010-09A, JN9010-09E, JN9011-06E, JN9014-08A, JN9014-08E, JN9014-08L, JQ0040-08A, JQ0040-08E, JQ0044-07A, JQ0044-07E, JQ6040-05A, JQ6040-05E, JQ6044-04A, MF2000-02A, MF2000-02E, MF2004-01A, MF2004-01E, MF2004-01L