BAND & PINS COMBO: Citizen Watch Bracelet Gold Tone Stainless Steel Part # 59-K0724 With Band to Case Pins


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-K12096, 4-K12118, 4-K12665, 4-K12720, 4-K14196, AJ7092-51E, AJ7092-51H, AJ7092-51P, AJ7092-51Q, BA1182-56Q, BA1182-56P, BA1182-56H, BA1182-56E, BA1782-59P, BA1782-59Q, BA1782-59H, BA1782-59E, AJ7222-58Q, AJ7222-58E, AJ7222-58H, AJ7222-58P, BK7042-56E, BK7042-56H, BK7042-56P, BK7042-56Q