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Citizen Watch Strap Black Rubber Part # 59-G0157. This item has been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer. This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-H24946, 4-H24954, 4-S000904, 4-S000912, 4-S000939, 4-S000947, 4-S000955, BJ5090-00B, BJ5090-00E, BJ5090-00F, BJ5090-00L, BK0470-00B, BK0470-00F, BK0470-00L, BM0630-02A, BM0630-02E, BM0631-00X, BM0631-00Y, BM0641-06A, BM0641-06H, BM0650-05A, BM0650-05E, BM0651-02A, BM0651-02E