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Brand Citizen Watch

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Citizen Watch Bracelet Silver Tone Stainless Steel Part # 59-H1179. This item has been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer. This fits the following timepiece(s): 4-E80044, 4-Q00214, 4-Q00842, 4-Q01113, 4-Q01717, 4-Q01709, 4-S037794, 4-S037981, 4-S039002, 4-S039011, 4-T003737, 4-Q01997, JN0004-51A, JN0004-51E, JN0004-78E, JN0040-58L, 6520-71-11, 1100-11-11, 1688102, JN0040-58M, JN0041-55L, JN0041-55X, 6521-21-11, JN0047-59L, JN0047-59Y, JN0041-63L, JN0060-51A, JN0008-51E