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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-C1003, 509-P1293


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): H500-S063574, S068924, AT0900-54E, AT0900-54F, AT0900-54G, AT0900-54L, CA0060-51E, E210-S030919, AV0021-52H, 59-S02070, 59-S03982, E812-S011078, E812-S061628, BL5210-66E, BL5217-59E, 59-S01003, E811-S001625, BL5144-51E, 59-S00103, 4-S113954, CB0160-51L, 59-S07104, 4-S113971,  CB0168-08E, 59-S53884, 4-S113954,  CB0160-00E, 59-S53885, 4-S113962, CB0166-54H, 59-S07105, 4-R007220, AW1540-88A, AW1540-88E, AW1540-88X, 59-R00445