Band to Case Pins Part # 509-C1003, 509-P1032


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S030528, BM8334-52E, 59-S02045, 4-S040370, S040531, AT0400-57E, BM6410-57E, 59-S02618, BM8332-58A, 4-S030536, 59-S02046, BM8342-54E, 4-S030617, 59-S02046, 4-S030480, JR3155-03E, 59-S50845, 4-S030480, JR3155-54E, JR3156-51E, 4-S031761, 59-S02042, E101-S030510, BM8335-50L, 59-S02044, 4-K005795, K005850, S073626, S073634, BM6210-56A, BM6210-56E, BM6210-56F, 59-K00417, BM6660-50L, 4-S057434, 59-S03662, BM6660-50M, BM6664-59A, 4-S057442, 59-S03663, BM6664-59E, BM6664-59L, BB0422-53G, 4-K18078, 59-K1179, BB0422-53T, BB0422-53Z, 4-S030544, 4-S030609, BM8330-53E, BM8340-50E, 59-S02047, 4-S060826, BM5030-53A, BM5030-53E, 59-S03852, BM8212-50Q, 4-K002427, 59-K00174