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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-C1003, 509-P1020


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): EP5834-55D, 4-S053676, 59-S03405, 59-S03405, EP5830-56D, 4-S053650, 59-S03403, EP5830-56E, 4-S053650, 59-S03403, EP5832-51D, 4-S053668, 59-S03404, 59-S03404, EP5833-58D, 4-S053684, 59-S03406, 59-S03406, B023-S065798, S064066, EW9780-57E, EW9870-56E, EW9870-56F, EW9870-64E, 59-S04009, B023-S065798, S064066, EW9780-81D, EW9870-72D,EW9870-81D, 59-S04010, 4-K001200, EW0154-53E, EW0154-53L, EW0154-53P, EW0154-53Q, 59-K00098, 59-S03589, EW0150-54L, 4-K16393, 59-K1047, EW0150-54M, 4-K002664, EW1570-53A, 4-S065747, EW0150-62A, 4-K16393, 59-K1149, EW0150-62L