Band to Case Pins Part # 509-4019


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-K003946, K004195, K003580, AT1012-00A, AT1013-07A, AT1016-09A, 59-K50087, 4-S008361, AT0012-56A, 59-S00566, 59-S00910, 4-S000149, 4-S054061, BM0564-56E, 59-S00014, 4-K003571, 59-K50076, 4-K003938, 4-K004187, AT1011-02E, AT1017-06E, 59-K50086, 4-S039576, 4-S046092, 4-S046726, 4-S090156, 4-S090164, 4-S090181, JQ8000-50E, JQ8000-50X, JQ8000-50Y, JQ8001-57A, JQ8001-57E, JQ8005-56E, JQ8007-51L, JQ8008-58W, 4-Q00788, 4-Q00800, 4-S006864, 4-S007208, 4-S039576, 4-S046092, 4-S046726, JQ8000-50E, JQ8000-50X, JQ8000-50Y, JQ8005-56E, 4-Q00788, 4-Q00800, JQ8000-50E, JQ8005-56E, 59-S05241, 59-J0688, 59-J0367, 4-Q00206, JN0007-53A, 59-H1178, 4-H09866, 4-H21386, AI3240-57A, AI3240-57B, AI3240-57C, AI3240-57E, AI3240-57F, AI3240-57L, AI3240-57M, AI3240-57X, AI3240-57Y, BK0020-57A, BK0020-57E, BK0020-57L, BK0020-57M, BK0020-57N, 59-H1180