Band to Case Pins Part # 509-3350


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S070741, CA0093-01A, 59-S52211, 4-S084059, CA0467-03E, 59-S52630, 4-S084059, CA0467-11H, 59-S52631, 4-S011868, S036577, S052998, S069165, S069173, BL6005-01E, BL6006-08E, 59-S50238L, CB0013-04A, H144M-S068371, H145M-S073308, 59-S52102, 4-S074932, 59-S52313, AT1180-05E, H570M-S074932, 59-S52313, AT1183-07A, H570M-S074941, 59-S52314, B023-S011868, S036577, S069165, BL6005-01F, 59-S50240, H144-S067405, S073294, CB0010-02E, 59-S52103, 4-S068941, BL5403-03E, BL5403-03X, 59-S52124, H570-S074941, AT1183-07A, 59-S52314, S084059, CA0467-20H, 59-S52632, S084059, CA0467-38E, 59-S52633, BL6005-01E, BL6006-08E, B023M-S011868, B023M-S036577, B023M-S052998, B023M-S069165, B023M-S069173, 59-S50238, CB0013-04A, H144M-S068371, H145M-S073308, 59-S52102L, 4-S093040, BU2013-08E, 59-S53001, 4-S093031, BU2016-00A, 59-S53000, 4-R005987, BU2020-02A, 59-R50175, 4-R005995, BU2023-04E, 59-R50167, 4-S071071, 4-S073600, CB0018-01A, 59-S522214-R005987,  BU2020-29X, 59-R50337, 4-S105943,  AW7020-00A, 59-S53511