Band to Case Pins Part # 509-2080


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S012414, BJ6360-01E, 59-S50253, 4-S087139, FC0003-18D, 59-S52792, 4-S087139, FC0003-26X, 59-S52794, 2500-R000136, 59-R00020, 4-S080380, BV1090-06A, 59-S52513, 4-S080398, BV1093-08E, 59-S52514, 4-S013623, AR1002-21A, 59-S50412, 4-S074029, BM8493-08E, 59-S52282, B612-S081076, S082641, AN3480-16L, CA0390-06E, 59-S52540, B612-S081076, S082641, AN3480-08E, CA0390-14E, 59-S52541, B612-S081076, S082641, AN3480-08E, CA0390-14E, 59-S52541, 4-S013623, 4-T001700, AR1002-13A, 59-T50050, 4-T001831, AR1023-05A, 59-T50055, AW1236-03A, 4-S095662, 59-S53083, AW1232-04A, 4-S095671, 59-S53084, 4-S012449, BK3750-91A, 59-S00897, 4-S012449, BK3754-90A, 59-S00904, 4-S074011, BM8490-06H, 59-S52281, 4-T001840, AR1011-04A, 59-T50056, AN3575-03E, 4-S093457, 59-S53021, 4-S081084,  CA0395-02E, 59-S52542