Band to Case Pins Part # 509-2066


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): E031-S016673, S016665, FA2000-18D, EP5510-14D, 59-S50378, E031-S020352, E031-S016673, EP5511-03N, 59-S50381, E031-S020352, E031-S016673, EP5511-11D, 59-S50382, E031-S016673, S016665, FA2000-00B, EP5510-06B, 59-S50389, E031-S016673, S016665, FA2000-26D, EP5510-22D, 59-S50391, E031-S016673, EP5511-20N, 59-S50426, E031-S016673, EP5511-38D, 59-S50427, U200-S076455, JZ1020-03E, 59-S52364,  FE1086-04A, 4-S095689, 59-S53085, FE1082-05A, 4-S095697, 59-S53086, EH7064-02E, 4-G1259, 59-L1087, JZ1050-02E, 4-S091136, 59-S52922, EQ0510-58A, 4-S029317, 59-S01955, EQ0510-58B, EQ0510-74A, EM0490-08A, 4-S108756, 59-S53641, EM0492-02A, 4-S109523, 59-S53642, 4-S106231,  EM0381-03D, 59-S53514, 4-S106249,  EM0383-08D, 59-S53515, EM0640-58D, 4-S115639, 59-S07233, EM0642-52P, 4-S115655, 59-S07235, EM0643-50X, 4-S115647, 59-S07234