Band to Case Pins Part # 509-2064


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S000220, EW8210-34D, 59-S50004, 5920-S49658, 5920-S18604, 5920-S55721, 59-73654, 5920-S49658, 59-77287, B020-H25772, H30091, 59-H1233, 4-K002451, EW0532-07F, 59-K50051, 4-S086892, AU1065-07E, 59-S52772, 5920-S49658, EK2892-14E, 59-77287, B023-S001561, EW8282-09A, 59-S50030, 4-S082005, AT2130-08E, 59-S52591, 4-S043328, EG3120-52D, S02768, EG3124-51D, EG3134-58A, 4-S043328, 4-S043344, 59-S02770, EG3122-57D, EG3132-53P, 4-S043336, 4-S043352, 59-S02769 , 59-S02768, J015-S053277, GA1002-02A, 59-S51558, J015-S053277, GA1002-02P, 59-S51559, 4-S082005, 4-S088330, AT2130-59E, AT2130-59L, AT2130-59M, AT2134-58E, 59-S04965, 4-H25764, 4-H30083, EP4040-62D, EP4040-62H, 59-H1232, 4-H31764, EW8122-05A, 59-E1018, 509-00033, GA1000-59A, 4-S052157, 59-S03315, GA1009-89A, GA1010-55D, 4-S053285, GA1004-58D, 4-S053269, 59-S03377, GA1014-54D, 4-S053307, GA1002-53P, 4-S053251, 59-S03376, GA1012-50D, 4-S053293, 4-H31764, EW8122-05A, 59-E1018LS, 4-S61224, EH8765-02E, 59-77041, 4-S000220, EW8210-00D, 59-S50001, 4-S000220, EW8210-18D, 59-S50002, 4-S000220, EW8210-26D, 59-S50003, 4-S013496, EZ6156-05A, EZ6156-05B, EZ6156-05P, 59-S50284