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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00212


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): AT9015-08E, S087597X, 59-S52797, CB0020-50E, H144M-S067383, H145M-S073316, 59-S04195, CB0020-09E, H144M-S067383, H145M-S073316, 59-S52108, H610-S068959, BY0005-52E, 59-S04305, H800-S081157, 4-S080606, 4-S084997, AT8010-58B, AT8010-58E, AT8020-54L, AT8060-50E, 59-S04885, H144-S068444, S073332, CB0023-01E, 59-S52109, H800-S082170, AT8030-00E, 59-S52565, H610-S063540, BY0005-01E, 59-T50668, AT8025-51E, 4-S091098, 59-S05627, 4-R005791, BU2021-51L, 59-R00345, 4-R005804, BU2026-57H, 59-R00346, JZ1065-13E, 4-R005642,, 59-R50159, AT9010-52L, 4-S087104, 59-S05357, AT9010-52M, 4-S087589, AT9010-52E,  AT9016-56H, 4-S087228, 59-S05366, 4-S060257, BY0000-56E, BY0000-56L, 59-S03819, CB0025-56E, 4-S082633, 59-S05006, 4-S088151, NB0070-57E, 59-S05432, 4-S080592, AT8014-57A, AT8014-57E, 59-S04884, 4-S063060, 4-T015034, BY0010-52E, BY0010-52L, BY0011-50E, BY0011-50F, BY0011-50L, 59-T00732, BJ7075-02E, 4-R005669, 59-R50160, BJ7076-00E, JZ1066-11E