Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00139


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): AT0660-05E, AT0660-05F, H500M-K006937, 59-K50170, 4-S062519, AT0870-02E, 59-S51891, 4-S062519, AT0870-11L, 59-S51892, 4-S062519, AT0870-37A, 59-S51893, 4-S062519, AT0870-45A, 59-S51894, 4-S062519, AT0870-29X, 59-S51895, 4-S060729, 59-S51838, E812-S053391, S062292, BL5366-59A, 59-S03327, E812-S052378, S062276, BL5365-51E, 59-S03328, E812-S052386, S062284, BL5364-71A, 59-S03329, E812-S052386, S062284, BL5364-54E, 59-S03330, 8877-S015979, BJ7010-16F, 59-S50810, 8877-S015979, BJ7010-24W, BJ7017-17W, 59-S51702, U600-S063388, JY0006-06E, 59-S51924, 8877-S015979, BJ7010-08E, BJ7017-09E, 59-T50217, AT0660-05E, AT0660-05F, H500M-K006937, 59-K50170, 4-T005438, 4-T009522, 56-2774, 57-1031, 59-T50213, 4-S041449, AS5010-51E, 59-T50471, 4-S064791, AT0875-09E, 59-S51975, 59-YS51838, CC9030-00E, 4-S104998, 59-S53481, 56-3083, 4-T016651, 59-T50683, JY0100-08E, 4-S069106, 59-S52134, 4-S111650,  AW7040-02A, 59-S53771, 4-S111714,  AW7045-09E, 59-S53776, 4-R007955, BN5058-07E, 59-R50243, 4-S117551,  BN2038-01L, 59-S54060, 59-S54061, BN0211-09X, 4-S116082, 59-S53998, BN0217-02E, 4-S116660, 59-S53999, BN5057-00E, 4-R010085, 59-R50374, JY8076-07E, 4-S116708, 59-S54001, JY8077-04H, 4-S116694, 59-S54000