Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00136


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S003113, 4-S003130, 4-S003156, 4-S004110, 4-S004128, 4-S005337, 4-S011850, NH8020-02E, NH8020-02L, NH8030-09E, NH8030-09F, NH8040-05E, NH8040-05L, NH8041-02E, NH8047-06A, NH8047-06E, NH8047-06H, NH8047-06L, NH8050-01E, NH8050-01L, NH8057-02E, NH8057-02L, 59-S50085, 4-F80065, 4-H19594, 4-S043557, AL0020-15L, 59-G0140, 4-H26035, 4-S000475, 5626-12-01, AY5070-00E, 59-G0178 4-F80065, 4-H19594, 4-H19608, 4-H25578, 4-S043557, 4-S043565, AL0020-07L, AL0024-06L, AL0030-03L, 59-L7331, 4-F80073, 4-F80111, 4-H05941, 4-H19608, 4-H19641, 4-H19659, 4-H25578, 4-S043565, AL0024-06E, AL0024-06P, AL0024-06W, AL0030-03L, AL0034-02E, AL0034-02W, AL0035-00E, 59-L7332, 56-2711, 4-T000894, 59-T00032, 56-2713, 4-T005241