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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00129


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S042275, BM6450-01A, BM6450-01E, 59-S51238, AT0270-00E, H500M-K006261, 59-K50161, 4-S070686, JW0097-54E, 59-S04427, E870-S030706, BL8030-53A, BL8030-53L, 59-S02055, AT0270-00E, H500M-K006261, 4-K006406, AT0270-18E, AT0277-01E, 59-K50164 BL5250-53L, 4-S030463, 4-S061717, 59-S02041, 4-S070678, JW0090-53E, 59-S04426, 4-S036267, 4-S036275, 4-S061725, 4-S061733, 4-S064660, 4-S074347, BL5250-70L, BL5251-51L, BL5251-77E, BL5257-54L, BL5257-62L, 59-S02222, 4-S048991, BM6530-04F, BM6530-04P, 59-S51413, AT0270-00E, H500M-K006261, 4-K006406, AT0270-18E, AT0277-01E, BM6450-01A, 4-S042275, 59-S51238, BM6450-01E, BM6530-04F, 4-S048991, 59-S51413, BM6530-04P, 4-S068401, 4-S073502, CB0006-51A, 59-S04252