Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00118


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S049377, 4-S058597, 4-S066603, BM6555-62E, BM6555-54E, AT2005-51E, BM6645-53EX, 59-S03111, 4-S049407, 4-S061458, BM6575-06E, BM6715-09E, 59-S51433, BM6574-09E, E111M-S049393, 59-S51432, E101-S050049, BM8180-54A, BM8180-54B, BM8180-54E, BM8180-54F, E860-S015511, BL7130-54E, 59-S01081, 59-S03168, E860-S015511, 4-S017971, BL7130-62E, BL7131-51E, BL7137-55E, 59-S01116, E111-S034701, BM6254-51A, BM6254-51L, 59-S02306, 4-S034701, BM6254-77L, 59-S02414, E111-S049385, 4-S066590, BM6550-58E, AT2000-54E, 59-S03112, EP5730-51A, 4-S044502, 59-S02833,  BM6552-52E, 4-S049369, 59-S03110, BM6642-51E, 4-S052271, BM6640-57E, 4-S052262, 59-S03320, BM6254-51A, BM6254-51L, 59-S02306, 4-S030765, BM6220-79A, 4-S030765, BM6220-52A, 59-S02425, 59-S02061, 4-S020875, 4-S035180, BK4020-55A, BK4020-55E, BK4020-55L, BK4021-52B, BK4021-52F, BK4021-52M, 59-S01379, 4-S069891, AT2050-56E, 59-S04360, BM6240-55E, 4-S040256, 59-S02607, 4-R008935,  FE7033-08A, 59-R50306, 4-R008811, 4-R010026, FE7030-57D, FE7031-54A, 59-R00519, 4-R008943,  FE7032-51D, 59-R00528, 4-R008811,  FE7030-14A, 59-R50307, 4-R007203, R010549, FD2040-57A, FD2041-54E, 59-R00410