Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00116


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): FB1090-57D, 4-S052912, 59-S03357, FB1090-57E, 4-S052912, FB1090-57X, 4-S052912, 59-S03357, FB1094-56D, 4-S052939, 59-S03359, 59-S03359, FB1000-50D, 4-S044219, 59-S02814, FB1001-57D, 4-S045151, 59-S02814, FB1002-54D, 4-S044243, 59-S02815, FB1003-51D, 4-S045169, 59-S02815, EW0900-56D, 4-S044171, 59-S02811, EW1230-51E, 4-S046289, 59-S02811, EW0902-51D, 4-S044197, 59-S02813, 59-S02813, 4-S063451, FB1180-56D, 59-S03976, FB1264-58D , 4-S082251, 59-S04986, 4-S102065, 4-S102090, EU6030-56D, EU6030-56E, EU6031-53D, EU6031-53E, 59-S06419, 59-EU6030-56E, 4-S093465, ED8130-51A, 59-S05799, 59-ED8130-51A, 4-S093473, 4-S093481, ED8132-55E, ED8132-55P, 59-S05801, 59-ED8132-55E