Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00115


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): EW1394-54D, 4-S057639, 59-S03677, EW1394-54E, EW1395-51D, 59-S03677, EW1392-50D, 4-S057621, 59-S03679, 59-S03679, EW1390-55E, 4-S057612, 59-S03678, 59-S03678, S074894, EW1592-51D, 59-S04556, EW1370-52D, 4-S055237, 59-S03506, EW1370-52Y, 59-S03506, EW1374-51D, 4-S055245, 59-S03507, EW1374-51E, 59-S03507, EP5620-59Y, 4-S034710, EP5630-55Y, 4-S034744, 59-S02307, EP5810-61D, 4-S050031, 59-S03166, EP5622-53D, 4-S034728, EW5302-51A, 4-S034647, EW5312-57A, 4-S034612, 59-S02300, EP5624-58D, 4-S034736, 59-S02301, EP5634-54D, 4-S037549, EW5304-55A, 4-S034655, 59-S02301, EW5304-55L, EW5314-51A, 4-S034621, CC9005-58E, 4-T021441, 59-T01049, CC2006-61E , 4-T021077, 59-T01017, EW1594-55D, 4-S066441, 59-S04130, EW1598-54D, 4-S099781, 4-S099790, AW1420-04E, CA4250-03E, 59-S53299, 4-S097410, 4-S103151, EL3081-58A, EL3087-51A, 59-S06089, 4-S103169, 4-S097428, EL3083-52E, EL3083-52P, EL3088-59E, EL3088-59P, 59-S06090, 59-EL3088-59E, 4-S100291, 4-S100305, AW1422-09E, CA4252-08E, 59-S53312, 4-T021093, CC2004-08E, 59-T50887, 4-S111641, CC9008-50E, 59-S06977, 4-S098688,  EW2276-80D, 59-S06176, 4-S098670,  EW2270-86D, 59-S06626, EW1593-58A, 4-S067081, 59-S04177, EW1590-56D, EW1590-56E, EW1590-56X, EW1590-56Y, EW1591-53Y, 4-S066433, 4-S069041, 59-S04129