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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00091


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S001561, S071011, S071038, EW8282-09P, EW8282-09W, EW8282-17A, 59-S50032, G620-S030676, S051274, EG2434-09E, EG2434-09W, 59-S50844, G620-S030676, S051274, EG2434-17E, 59-S50917, B023-S033802, EW9240-03E, 59-S50990, 4-S065054, EW9770-00A, 59-S51978, EH7022-02P, EU0512-07P, 6010A-K06878, 1012A-K13131, 1012A-S022703, 1012A-S072662, 59-K5313, EW9460-07A, 4-S040574, 59-S51178, 4-S041996, 4-S038588, 4-S046521, 4-S053099, 4-S068029, EJ5850-57E, EJ5856-51E, EJ5950-61G, EJ6050-58A, EJ6050-58E, 59-S02544, 4-S038588, 4-S068029, EJ5854-56A, EJ5854-56D, EJ6054-57A, EJ6054-57E, 59-S02546, 4-S075688, 4-S076676, EU2662-54D, EU2682-57D, EU2682-57P, EU2682-65D, 59-S04606, 4-R007190,  EW2410-54A, EW2410-54L, 59-R00409