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Citizen Watch bands

Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00088


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-S030731, EW0700-98A, 59-S02058, 4-S92294, 4-S92308, 4-S98951, BK0860-56C, AN0950-53L, BK0860-56L, 59-S0007, 0510-S003474, 2510-S003482, 59-S00204, FB1200-00A, 4-S066034, S52023, 59-S52023, EO11-S030731, EW0700-98A, 59-S02058, 4-S021944, 4-S030897, 59-S01460, B023-S030901, 4-S021952, 59-S01461, E011-S030749, EW0702-92A, 59-S02059, 4-K003521, 4-S92308, BK0860-56W, 59-K00253, EG2500-57A, 4-S044251, EG2500-65E, 59-S02816, 4-S030412, 4-S031150, 4-S041082, 4-S045002, EW0660-82Z, EW0660-91X, EW0660-91Z, EW0661-98E, EW0665-97Z, EW0667-91Z, 59-S02040, 4-S066042, FB1204-09E, 59-S52024