Band to Case Pins Part # 509-00083


Brand Citizen Watch

This item fits the following timepiece(s): 4-Y70727, 4-Y70638, SY2022-52P, 59-F0425, G431-T001807, AR0012-66A, AR0016-57A, 59-S01874, G431-T001793, T002447, 66-5013, AR0010-61A, AR0010-61E, AR0010-61L, AR0015-68A, AR0015-68E, AR0017-54A, AR0017-54E, 59-T00148, 4-T001793, T002331, AR0010-53E, G431-T001793, 59-T00089, 59-S01216, G431-T001807, T002340, AR0012-58A, AR0012-58L, AR0013-55A, 59-T00090, G431-T001793, AR0014-52A, AR0014-52E, AR0014-52L, 59-T00091, AR1124-59E, 4-S074959, 59-S04564, AR1120-50E, 4-S074959, 59-S04561